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Del Pino Law Firm offers its clients services provided by a professional team of lawyers and paralegals. Our team's focus is to serve our clients diligently in order to help them fulfill their legal goals. Del Pino Law Firm specializes in Mortgage Modification, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Defense, Personal Injury & Accidents, and Family law.

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Abogado de Divorcio en Fort Lauderdale

Los Abogado de Divorcio de DEL PINO LAW FIRM, LLC han estado practicado y sirviendo clientes en Fort Lauderdale por más de over 6 years años con casos familiares. Lo más importante durante este tiempo difícil es tener un Abogado de Divorcio que se dedicará a tu caso y hará todo lo posible para buscar una solución que ayudara a tú y tu familia. 

Con over 6 years, Abogado de Divorcio el negocio de ley familiar, los Abogado de Divorcio, de DEL PINO LAW FIRM, LLC tenemos un buen entendimiento de lo que es necesario en un caso familiar. Nuestro éxito se ha construido gracias a nuestra dedicación y calidad de trabajo que producimos. 

Existen varios Abogado de Divorcio localizados Abogado de Divorcio en Fort Lauderdale. La distinción de los demás es qué DEL PINO LAW FIRM, LLC tiene over 6 years años de experiencia en el campo legal especializando en casos familiares. Divorcio es un proceso que normalmente toma tiempo y requiere mucha atención detallada y paciencia. Los abogados de DEL PINO LAW FIRM, LLC se dedicarán a tu caso y trabajarán para lograr lo mejor posible. 

Llame a DEL PINO LAW FIRM, LLC por Los abogados de accidentes, criminal, o cualquier otro asunto legal de Abogado de Divorcio en Fort Lauderdale de DEL PINO LAW FIRM, LLC lucharán por sus derechos como víctima y le ayudaran a obtener el dinero que necesita para seguir adelante y centrarse en su recuperación. Si usted ha sido lesionado en un accidente de Abogado de Divorcio, póngase en contacto (305) 362-6277 hoy.


Del Pino Law Firm, LLC was founded in the state of Florida and is currently active under Haven Del Pino, ESQ, the head attorney of the Firm. Haven Del Pino is an ambitious and dedicated attorney. She received her Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology from St. Thomas University in 2005. She further attained her Juris Doctorate degree in 2009. While in law school, Haven received the Dean's Merit Scholarship Award due to her superior academic performance. Today, as a private attorney, with her practices spread throughout the tri-county area in South Florida, Haven Del Pino is committed to representing her clients zealously and uses a personal, hands-on approach in every aspect of her practice. She handles all matters with determination and seeks to help her clients achieve the best possible outcome.


Our team is comprised of dedicated, bilingual, legal professionals well-versed in many specialized areas of the law. This variety of specialized backgrounds allows us to advocate for you in numerous areas of the law, including Mortgage Modification, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Defense, Personal Injury & Accidents, and Family Law. In many legal cases, more than one area of expertise is required, and our multifaceted knowledge and skills give us versatility when dealing with these complex legal matters. If you have any questions, please fill out our contact form or call us at (305) 362-6277.


At Del Pino Law Firm, our clients come first. Every client is treated with courtesy and professionalism, and is guaranteed effective representation. Our expertise and integrity have earned us a reputation as one of many state's premier legal firms. If you have any questions, please fill out our contact form or call us at (305) 362-6277.


I met Haven after meeting with several attorneys. I knew immediately that she was honest and willing to help me with no hidden incentive. Long tory short, my divorce was finally completed after three years of my prior attorney being unable to resolve anything. Not only did she secure alimony and child support, but she held my hand through the process. I think she is a highly dedicated individual and will gear you in the right direction no matter what. Going back to see her for my bankruptcy in a few weeks!!!

a Divorce client

Amazing Attorney! I hired Ms. Del Pino to handle my Bankruptcy case and she was excellent and extremely helpful. Amazing individual and recommend her with my eyes closed.

a Chapter 13 client

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